How to make a simple Lego speeder by Aniq

Hello hello,it’s Aniq again and todah i’m just gonna show you how to make a simple Speeder,so let’s get started!

Yeah,nothing special about this speeder but it’s very easy to build,so I hope you like it and see you next time!

-Aniq from Strikeout 554


Mini Han Solo vs Greedo Mos Eisley Vignette – LDD MOC

Hi guys,It’s Farrel again and today I’m just gonna show you my small Han Vs Greedo Vignette,From the famous scene of Star Wars IV-A new Hope.




Well there’s not much to say,because I besed the build from the one in 2014 Mos eisley cantina set,but I hope you like it so thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you again soon,bye 🙂

-Strikeout 554


Lego AT-ST (2016) review by Aniq

Hello guys,I’m Aniq and today I’m gonna review the 2016 At-st set 75153.Now let’s take a look at the set!

The set has 449 pieces and includes 3 minifigs.938a920046354c6292a233acb1654d62

The at-st pilot uses same torso and legs as the Imperial technician in the galactic empire battle pack,but with new face print with printed chin strap which I think is limited the use of the head,but still nice..the helmet piece is now printed with a visor.He is armed with a pistol and he have an alternate expression which looks more serious.


Baze malbus is a friend of Chirrut Imwë,and his minifig looks cool.He has all new printing and his head print is accurate to Jiang Wen,the actor who play baze.His torso is well detailed with his red armor and his braids.He comes with a large blaster which is actually builded!and he has a secondary which is battle-ready.images (1).jpg

The rebel trooper minifig is actually Taidu Sefla which in this case is not accurate,because he doesn’t appears in Jedha at all.He has a new helmet and printed torso,which looks cool.He has a dark colored head,and I like the diversity of the minifigs.He is armed with an extended blaster rifle.IMG-20180715-WA0015

Now,to the At-st.The front of the cockpit is cool,with the detailing and the view slots and the panels in the top.


The side has the attachment for the light repeating blaster.The other side is mirrored but it has the grenade launcher.


The top of the at-st opens up to reveal the cockpit.It has a leg slot piece for the driver to seat and a sticker control panel at the front,and a weapons rack at the back with a thermal detonator.i think if you remove the tan 2X2 jumper piece at the back,you can put anoter minifig to join the ride:-)


Finally,the back has 4 stickers for detail and couple of actuator for action features.Those 2 dark Grey cone pieces are the firing button for the spring loaded shooters atIMG-20180715-WA0018.jpg the front.And that 2X2 textured round brick at the bottom is the knob that you can turn to make the head turn!

Overall,the set is awesome,with exclusive minifigs,and great play features too.I hope you like my review of the set,please comment at the comment section below about what you think about the set,thanks for reading and may the force and bricks be with you! bye:-)

-Aniq from Strikeout 554

Lego Star wars LDD Creation: Tie bomber!

Hi guys!welcome to The Strikeout’s blog and today were gonna take a look at my creation which is my first creation in this blog: The Imperial Tie Bomber!!


First,I want to say sorry because the pictures in this blog is kinda low quality,(little bit dark,blur,and shaky),since I take the photo from my laptop using my handphone,there also the green scratch on screen which kinda distract the image and I didn’t have rendered the picture of the model in LDDso,sorry 🙂 but,lets take a look at this creation!


So,if the “set” is an physical MOC,It uses 607 pieces,and it includes 3 minifigs – Tie fighter pilot(which you can see in the first photo is already in cockpit),2 stormtroopers-one of them is a commander,notice the yellow “pauldron” he wears.DSC_0593.JPG

So,the cockpit has a Standart seat with backrest and a control yoke piece with trans-blue 1×1 piece for detail,and both windscreen and top hatch piece DSC_0596.JPG(of course) can be opened to give an easy acess to the seat.


Below the cockpit,there’s 2 Springloaded shooters which can be fired by pressing the black axle pieces at the back of the fuselage(similar to 2016 at-st).DSC_0595

The wings are simple,just uses plates stacked up with few wedge flates an tiles to represent details ad the sides.DSC_0592.JPG

Now,to the side bombing Bay/pod!Te pod has similar build to the main control pod,just modified to carry much more action features.DSC_0597.JPG

At the front,there 2 hatches that can opened up to reveal more shooters,DSC_0598.JPG

And the top of both pods had openable section which in the main pod can store the pilot’s blaster and a wrenchDSC_0602.JPG

And the back of the bombing Bay,which is supposed to hinge out but I can’t do that due to lag in my laptop(ugh),but there is the access to the bomb chute and the storage for spare bombs(the trans-blue things)


And finally,you can drop the bomb by opening the hatch underneath!(picture above,between word wrench and “and”,due to error sorry)


Back of the tie bomber.

Overall,i’m very happy able to “build” this creation,since many star wars fans have wanted a new tie bomber set,since the last one was in 2003(I maybe mistaken?).I hope you guys like my creation,please comment what you think about this creation so i’m gonna make more stuff to show you,bye!😄👍✋✋

-Strikeout 554


Hello there!

Hi guys,my name is Farrel and this is my first post on this blog.

In this blog,i’m gonna show you a lot of custom Lego Star wars builds(some of the builds are my own design,not exists in any media) I made in LDD(Lego Digital Designer),and software made by the LEGO Group to make your own virtual Lego creations.unduhan

So yeah that’s my introduction on my blog here and there’s a LOT i want to show you on this blog So see you next time!👋👋

Strikeout 554